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Building Design:

Our team believes in a collaborative approach to design.  This approach involves the client in a creative collaboration to thoroughly define and understand the scope of work and the specific objectives regarding every aspect of the project.  In this manner, a clarity of purpose and a coherent set of ideas can be established to guide the project’s development, resulting in a design that is mutually successful and gratifying.

To ensure that all parties comprehend the implications of the design, we have developed a working method which involves the extensive use of computer models and fly-thrus, giving the project a certain sense of reality.  It is then possible to verify ideas within the context (perspective simulation) and analyze more accurately the impact of the design within its context.  Utilizing the latest design and project management software we offer the ability to collaborate with the client and contractor via the internet.  Potential problems are more easily identified, with the assistance of computer simulation, which enables the team to suggest alternative solutions in early stages of the design process.

Cost Estimating:

We work closely with our clients to maintain project costs throughout the design, design development and contract document and construction stages of the project.  Starting with the preliminary plans and throughout all stages of the project, we provide cost planning and cost control services in order to maintain the project budget.  Requirements are prioritized hand-in-hand in a participatory manner with the client.

Our ability to cost the project prior to its construction allows us to tailor the design to match its budget, minimizing any unforeseen variances.  Our current pricing schedules, competitive contractor bidding, and overall experience allow us to provide a project that will meet the established budget.


Through our many contacts in the construction industry, we are able assist the client in selecting a reputable contractor who is well qualified and also provides competitive pricing. We have worked closely with our recommended contractors on a variety of previous projects of similar scale and complexity, including renovations, additions or new structures. 

We have found that successful design results from dedication to the entire design and construction process.  We work with the client and the contractor throughout the construction process, to ensure that the detailed concerns of the client are fully incorporated into the completed building.

Sustainable Design:

Sticks and Stones Design incorporates sustainable design into each project.  Using sustainable design and energy-efficiency principles minimizes the building’s impact on the natural environment, and also can substantially reduce operating costs.  The home becomes an integral part of its setting, a part of the landscape, taking into consideration topography, views, prevailing winds and the sun. Your home can grow out of the land, using natural materials, including timber and stone, creating a harmonizing and humanizing effect. The building can be a reconstruction of nature, rather than a foreign object, brought to the land.

We believe the overall creation of a healthy environment should be a primary objective for each project, ensuring that the structure is physically healthy, for its inhabitants and the environment.


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